Monday, August 15, 2016

Welsh Rabbit Bistro in Fort Collins

Last year, we stopped by the Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro for a late lunch on a quiet weekday in Fort Collins. The staff was very polite, the decor pleasing, and overall the food and wine was delicious. They have a large selection of unique and tasty cheeses (also available in their little cheese shop). We ordered bread, salami and buffalo pastrami, and chose a smattering of cheeses: soft chèvre, camembert, mimolette, and a semi-hard cheese that we can't remember the name of. These all paired perfectly with a glass of red wine -- the name of which we wish we'd written down also! All we can remember is it was made with Slovenian grapes. We also tried a glass of the house red, which was tolerable until we tried it with the Camembert. A huge mistake -- it left the most awful taste in your mouth! Other than this moment, we were very pleased with our Welsh Rabbit experience. (I hope they have switched to cloth napkins by now.)

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