Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Spent Halloween morning clearing out my garden (putting much of it in my compost). The recent frosts have killed the tomato, pepper and other plants (but the arugula still thrives!). I pulled up all the potatoes, some of the onion, last few radish and carrot babies, and clipped many stalks of rosemary, thyme, lavender and catnip for kitties. These are nicely drying in a row in the kitchen.

In the afternoon, I baked one of the apple pies I had made from my birthday apple picking trip (I like to keep goodies like this in the freezer). Then I made spicy (cayenne and paprika) and also rosemary orange mixed nuts... butter and sugar always does the trick!

apple pie with rosemary and thyme bunches

A little pumpkin carving and handing out candy to the few trick-or-treaters who came our way...

Then C and I brought the pie, nuts and some rosemary/thyme bunches to S's delightful Scary Movie Night. I dressed as a witch and C as St. Francis. We all had fun watching Curse of the Demon and Night of the Comet!

(best costume: C's St Francis... he collected the birds and made the halo, I helped by sewing the monk robe...)

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