Sunday, November 14, 2010


A recent trip to Florence, Colorado and today's insane ARC finds have left me with lots of possible projects, but right now I'm gazing at it all in a happy daze....

close-up of C's retro tie he found

retro star at bottom of a little dish -- another C find

pyrex dish with leaves - perfect for Thanksgiving

detail of retro curtain -- which may become a tablecloth and/or apron

detail of Mexican blanket

detail of retro apron

Florence has such fun stores to search for hidden gems and treasures... and they're all located in a small old downtown, great brick buildings, interesting architecture, mountains in the horizon.

Florence finds: old little toy bear, 2 handkerchiefs, trinkets for jewelry projects
(not pictured -- rocks!)

weird fun colors....

The Pour House -- decent coffee (we had triple shot americanos to make them strong enough for our tastes), great atmosphere, tasty scones -- the perfect place to take a break between all the little shops. For dinner we went to Pueblo's locally owned, sustainably-minded Bingo Burger for delicious grassfed beef burgers and local brews!


  1. Hi Morgan-that table and chair set takes me right back to the day...and I could swear my mother had one of those pyrex dishes. Thanks for the memories :-)

  2. glad you enjoyed the memories!


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