Saturday, April 24, 2010

Building my raised garden box

I love my power tools!

I pre-drilled the holes, then screwed together the 6'x6' box...

and placed it on the 6'x6' area of earth I dug up a few days ago.

I excavated a little bit around the edge so the box would sit nicely in the earth. Then I added organic cotton boll compost, some extra phosphorous and organic vegetable garden food. I had taken my soil test results to Good Earth Garden Center and they told me what to add.
You can also see the little path I built last week so I could walk between my two plots. The first garden bed was already in place from a previous owner, but it also needed the soil amendments.

Soon I will plant my spinach, arugula and carrots! (just have to construct my wire guards to keep the squirrels out first)

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