Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clouds, Gardening, Rain and Reading

Today I used my new push reel mower for the first time. I had so much fun -- I mowed the whole lawn (which is a lot of mowing). Fun you say? Yes! I'm one of those people that have a hard time going to a gym just to work out. However, if its productive work - I love it! It felt great and my Fiskars manual mower is fabulous!!!

I also managed to get the new 6'x6' addition to my little garden plot started (earth turned, grass out, soon it'll be 6'x12') before the rain started. Such a nice spring thunderstorm even though it didn't last long. I sat on the front porch watching the rain come down while the sun shined -- a special experience I relish. And I snuck in another chapter from "Out Stealing Horses" by Per Peterson --
a book I highly recommend.


  1. Morgan, how timely that I am reading your post and looking for a push mower! It sounds like you recommend the kind you have. Where did you find it? I'm desperate for one!

    I was on my porch too while the rain came down...planting spinach, lettuce and bok choy in my window boxes :-)

    My very little garden plot is ready as well. I will planting the peas this week.

    Happy gardening! And see you at a future Etsy Meet-up!

  2. Debi-
    Thanks for the comment! Yes - I LOVE my new Fiskars push mower. Its a little more expensive than most, but I found it to work so smoothly and easily compared to the ones I've used in the past. It was recommended to me by a friend who had the same experience.
    Happy gardening to you too!
    p.s. thanks for all your great input at the etsy meeting!


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