Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Fest

I have a memory from a very young age of a quiet morning, large balloons filling up and taking off. But memories are funny, how they fade and transform. And I know old photos affect the way I remember things too.

Many years later, I now live surprisingly close to the park and was able to walk to this annual Hot Air Balloon Fest. We went in the evening to watch them glow. ‘Glow’ is an understatement if you’re anywhere close to them.

We first watched at a distance as many of them slowly started to fill with air. Once all the balloons were filled, the crowd counted down (with the help of two annoying MC’s) to get them to all light up at the same time. We decided to move closer and see what it was like under them.

It seemed scary and overwhelming – crowds of people packed in tight under huge fabric balloons with tall flames bursting to fill them with heat. (I know –they’re made of fire-retardant cloth, but still my imagination…)

Stunningly beautiful, hot and bright – pictures I would try to take seemed blasted. The heat from the flames filled not only the balloon, but the air around it with warmth and kept away the chill from autumn creeping in.


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