Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Trip to Ohio: Part 4

Our last day in Ohio -- we said goodbye to L&G and Lucy. (Many thanks for the red raspberries, the espresso, the delicious homemade granola and bread, and your generous hospitality.)


We quickly drove west and then south to Portsmouth where we walked around town desperate to find a good cup o' joe. We regretted not stopping on our way out of town at the Village Bakery one more time for a great scone and coffee... From Portsmouth we took highway 52 and then down to Lexington, KY before heading back to Nashville, TN.

small back courtyard behind a chocolate shop in Portsmouth


colorful windows in an empty building in Portsmouth

so many beautiful old buildings ...

a ubiquitous Mail Pouch Tobacco barn along Hwy 52 in OH

tree in Manchester, OH

as we drove to Tennessee, we spotted a castle in Kentucky -- apparently you can stay the night or have your wedding there, etc...

one more stop before we get back, a walk around 'historic' Bloomfield, KY



  1. Aw, you were my neck of the woods! The story behind the castle is kind of wild.

  2. Chrissie --
    thanks for the info - very cool!
    At the time I didn't realize I was passing through your area, but of course now that I think about it! beautiful country


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