Friday, October 15, 2010

Rosemary Lemon Cookies & Pesto

Preparing for the day frost takes away my garden ... I am drying herbs, cooking, freezing... I've made delicious Rosemary Lemon Cookies. Through a friend I found the recipe here, but made my own tweaks to add more rosemary since I have so much of it.

Then I made a ton of pesto, freezing the batches in ice cube trays so I have individual servings for future easy dinners.

next: lavender & thyme


  1. Hi Morgan,
    I would love to try those lemon rosemary cookies! Do you think I could cut back on the butter and still be good? - Debi

  2. yes - I cut the recipe in half to try it first, taking out some butter and sugar (not much -- it is a shortbread recipe), keeping just one egg, and adding more rosemary and lemon.
    let me know how yours turns out :)

  3. Morgan,
    My, you have been busy. Glad that your garden was so prolific. These cookies sound divine!


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