Thursday, August 26, 2010

Celebrating my 101st Post with a Giveaway!

Post a comment below about your favorite pair of earrings and you'll be entered to win this pair! I will randomly choose the winner after 11:59pm on September 4th, so make sure you comment before then. Good luck!


  1. My favorite kind of earring are hoops, but these look pretty and I'd love to win them!
    -Katy (IL)

  2. These remind me of rock candy. Apparently, I just have candy/sweets on the mind when I see your stuff :)

  3. My favorite earrings are dangly and lightweight--something there, but not too much, just like this pair!

  4. I love earrings that are light - but ones that make a statement! Something unique, maybe a little bold and colorful. My all-time favorite pair is black metal with flowers cut out of it. Makes me feel hip!


  5. hello Morgan, I love all your earrings, especially the ones I own! love you!

  6. Thanks Mo, for the gorgeous silver earrings with pink beads all-a-dangling! I love them and wear them almost everyday! Love, Kendee


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