Friday, August 13, 2010

My Studio and Jewelry Cabinet

Inspired by Etsy Open Studios on flickr, I decided to share my studio with you. Well ... half of it. Dare I admit that I moved all the clutter from one half to the other so that you don't see what my "working" studio really looks like? At some point soon I'll take photos of my jewelry/crafting/painting table on the other side. But for now you get the design desk and jewelry cabinet (with Pippin sleeping on my chair, as usual).

An old medicine cabinet, I found at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $7, serves as my jewelry cabinet. I cleaned and painted it; bought new hinges and re-attached the doors. I painted the inside in 'seaglass' and inserted small dowel rods into the holes meant to hold shelves.

Vintage finds and gifts, along with a cheap clock sit on top of the cabinet. The clock was clear so you could see the wall behind it... trying to be trendy? I added some pretty paper to the back -- now I am much happier with it.

Notice only earrings and bracelets in the cabinet and wonder where the necklaces are? To the right of my desk hangs a framed metal tree by a local artisan in Ohio. There are small hooks all over it - perfect for my necklaces.

(thanks PC)

A combination of necklaces I made with some I found in thrift shops... or H&M.

Pippin has gotten tired of me photographing my space and has moved to the window. A much better location -- now I can sit at my desk again.

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  1. Oh Morgan,
    This is so beautiful! What inspiration and energy you have to create this harmonious, beautiful space.


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