Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hot Soup and Hot Toddy Weather

Very cold here, so it is the perfect time for a hot bowl of soup. Here is the fresh and light dumpling soup I actually made a few months ago -- more fitting for summer. I was reminded I hadn't posted this photo yet, when I had a delicious bowl of butternut squash - sweet potato - apple soup at my friend's tonight.

It is also the perfect weather for Hot Toddies. We recently did a taste test and I discovered I enjoyed the rum or brandy toddies, whereas my friend enjoyed the more traditional whiskey toddy. Here is a great post on a delicious Highland Toddy on Kate's blog.

coat bottom of cup with honey, squeeze fresh lemon, shot of rum/whiskey/brandy, with hot water


  1. Oh my, that soup looks heavenly. I'm a sucker for soups. :-) I just made a Chicken Tortilla Soup I plan to post soon. It was lip smackin good!

  2. I love Tortilla Soup! Haven't found the perfect recipe yet though -- will have to check out yours


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