Thursday, January 27, 2011

What did you love to do as a kid?

young Morgan in her favorite dance outfit, drawing on the front
porch, drinking a cup of milk
update: I still love to wear funky clothes, sketch or read outside,
but with a cup of strong coffee!

My favorite things:
- draw and paint
- play with my cats and dogs
- dance
- build fairy and elf worlds out of grass, leaves and flowers in mossy hidden areas under trees
- make dollhouse furniture out of found objects
- bake cookies, pick fresh strawberries, share a rice dream ice cream sandwich with my mom
- play with my dolls
- play board games
- dress-up and create fantastical make-believe worlds
- watch for my first crocus or spring beauty
- travel places

What did you love to do? What do you still do that you've always loved?


  1. Play in the dirt, make things,taking care of animals, collecting unicorns, driving dump trucks with my Barbies......Its nice that you have photos of your youth! Treasure them!


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